Joe Budden-“Family Business”

Fab also had a nice little verse but in this case it didn’t compare to what Budden had to say. *Warning* The beat is kinda whack lol

“I flow sickly ridin bumping old Biggie

Roll with me or lose weight Nicole Richie

Fuck plat if I dont reach, diamond fame

I’ll treat a nigga face like that old Simon game

Figured out why men try us

Cause we o-d on rims and thin tires

For that we are Len Bias

All it takes is a punch, he aint brave he’s a punk

I’ll put his family in boxes, meet the Brady Bunch

How ya feel ya’ll selves

Shaquille ya’ll selves

Us Cowboys dont need you. you Bill Parcel

And you aint gotta empty your pockets when the K’s out

Whatever you holding is mine, you my Paypal

See I dont get how this guy is a threat

I make his life a net por pie to the neck

Ride or die or do both nigga ride to the death

I’ll acapella the whole left side of his chest

Not retiring still got the pension pending

Trying to pop the hood and see the engine missing

Double barrel shotgun have your men get missing

She got pretty brown eyes and she in Mint Condition

Or the cig in the car, you dissin muah

Take the ratchet, go home and just Chris Benoit

I tell a bird like it is, you promise the broad

I one line her, you Isaiah Thomas the broad

I can send a clip cartridge at a nemesis target

And catch an R.O.R. on some Jena 6 charges

Nah I put the thing away

I dont need a whole handle to flip em, all it takes is one finger wave

Been in the bing for days, show you how I’m real

Come home to the truck with the Optimus Prime grill

Handin out crack got the scene poppin off

They not sleeping on em the fiends is noddin off

For real tell me how you thug and your Superman (Nigga)

I just seen you in the club doing the Superman (I said Nigga)

A bunch of clowns holmes

All I need

In this world is the pound chrome Huxtable Brownstone

Major paper

Cake by the layers

If these dudes is live I am the created player

They calling em kings when they so so hot

Something is wrong with that picture it must be photoshopped

I dont promote violence but when sparking the flame (blam)

Arms start waving like the Carlton Banks dance

When the tools go pop they move whole blocks

Come around with your dog, get Cujo shot

These emcee’s is lame, I am trying to be an emcee with brains

These niggas is MC Brain

Being nice?  These rappers is far from being nice

I am on a rooftop recording, niggas is getting sniped

Thats life

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