“King Remembered In Time” by @_THEMUSE_

Shoutout to Alexandria Byrd for the show review, more  articles from her will be featured on the blog…enjoy.

King Remembered In Time

Big K.R.I.T. finally touched down from the magnolia state to the lone star state. Dallas’ own Andropolis, Jay Fresh and A.Dd+ welcomed the American rapstar himself to the home of the killaz, home of the g’s.

A.Dd+ gave the best opening performance with residual adrenaline from their debut album, “When Pigs Fly” being released the same week as Big K.R.I.T’s newest mixtape, “Return of 4eva.” Appropriately, A.Dd+ began their set with a new crowd favorite, DJ Sober Mix entitled “, I’m so Dallas.”  The mix consists of popular Dallas songs such as, Erykah Badu’s “On & On,” Lil Wil’s “Bust it Open,” Sore Losers, “1000 Zombies Marching,”and Big Tuck’s “Southside the Realist” to name a few. “Po’ My Liqua” from their last mixtape, “Power of the Tongues” followed along with one of my favorites, “Greedy” featuring Mz. Fortune which is reminiscent to the jazzy, nostalgic feel of your grandmother’s vinyl collection in a good way. “Merry Go,” ended their performance, and based on the disappointment on the crowd’s faces, they hoped that this performance could have been an everyday occurrence, like a mug.

Mookie Jones, Smoke Dza, and Freddie Gibbs graced the stage after, and brought different realms of southern hip-hop. My first time seeing “clutch city’s” own, Mookie Jones was interesting. He seems young and in the midst of developing his style as an artist, but once that happens he will be a definite babe magnet with his verses and big hair.

Smoke DZA came onto stage with his usual Ralph Lauren Rugby get-up with theatrical and real smoke accompanying him. DZA performed “Welcome to the Greenhouse,” “Nothing but Us,” “Sour Hour Marathon,” and closed his performance with Mookie Jones whom preceded him. His raw, nonchalant style of rapping was well-accepted by the audience, especially by the smoking enthusiasts—but that almost goes without saying. Good first impression.

Gary, Indiana native, Freddie Gibbs was destined to put on a great show due to the fact that his hometown is the same as the late and great Michael Jackson. His energy and uncensored demeanor was refreshing with songs such as, “National Anthem,” which happened to be my favorite song. Gibbs tightened his grip on his White Sox fitted as he said, “back when I was younger, very ambitious but often blinded by my hunger, some say I dream too big, and my dream gon’ take me under.” Another one bites the dust Freddie.

Finally, Big K.R.I.T. hit the stage with a dramatic entrance. The DJ played “R4 Theme Song” from the latest mixtape, “Return of 4eva”, and then introduced the original “Return of 4eva” featuring Big Sant and the crowd lost control. Bodies were suspended in the air from dancing. During the hour performance, K.R.I.T. touched down, introduced us to his time machine and sub, enlightened us about rotating his tires and dreamin’, and shared stories of his country, hometown glory. Oh sookie now, K.R.I.T wuz here and the king will be remembered in time.


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